Matt is a classically trained Chef from Johnson and Wales - Charleston and has over 20 years experience in all things food! From small family friendly establishments to fast paced mega restaurants serving 400 and 500 guests a night to the ultra high end at Savannah's first 4 diamond restaurant. To catering both on and off site for guests most special occasions. To corporate and open ended fast paced film/crew catering for stars like Daniel Radcliffe to Mel Gibson and beyond ....


Katherine moved to Savannah to pursue a degree in Industrial Design at SCAD, which she completed in three years.  During that time, she also worked full-time in several downtown restaurants, most notably the first 4 diamond restaurant in Savannah, for more than two years.  After dabbling in a “real” job at Hobart in the design department and then with sales and marketing for five years, Katherine was drawn back to her true passion for hospitality and helped build a catering company as the sales manager until finally fulfilling her and her husband's dream of owning their own business.



Matt & Kat have been working together since the beginning. Meeting just 10 weeks after Katherine arrived in 2004 for SCAD starting to date 1 year later and happily married in 2011! Having worked together on and off for 13 years we decided it was time to make are dreams a reality and started Current Catering in 2016. We wanted to focus on our community and providing fun and daring food ideas to Savannah’s growing food scene.

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