Private Chef Dinners

Current Catering is offering PRIVATE CHEF DINNERS. These are typically offered to small groups at their private residence or a local vacation rental. We feel this is an opportunity to bring a small group of guests together to enjoy a fabulous meal where you can interact as much or as little with the chef and service team as you would like. We use these events as a place to “play" with our food using unique techniques, fun ingredients and as a place to bring current food ideas to the table. This is meant to be an experience! 

We offer a 5 course meal which is the most straight forward. A 6 course meal, a 12 course meal and a 18 course meal. As the number of courses increases the more creative the experience becomes.

Theses menus are built with the hosts help as we want to make sure we accommodate any allergies or dietary restrictions while using ingredients in exciting ways.

Please reach out if this option sounds like your idea of a great time! We would love to discuss the details with you. 

Questions? 912-662-2005 or